Education and Research.

2021 Doctoral candidate, critical practices at the Centre for Arts, Memory and Communities (CAMC), Coventry University UK
2021 European Summer School in Cultural Studies 2021 – Art in Common(s) – Understanding Art and Communality hosted by the New Carlsberg Foundation research center Art as Forum at the University of Copenhagen with Eduardo Carrera
2020-2021 Curatorial Studies, Programa de Estudios Independientes, Centro de Arte Contemporaneo, Quito EC
2020 ‘NEW NOW’, The Autumn School of Curating, Clujean, RO
2019-2020 Curatorial Studies, KASK Royal Academy of Fine Arts, Ghent BE
2018 BAK – Summer school Utrecht University ‘Art and practice in the otherwise’, Utrecht NL
2016-2018 Research member of a.pass, post-master programme in advanced performance and scenography studies, Brussels, BE Workshop about ‘site-specific installation’ at Banco de La Republica, Bogotà CO
2013 Guest lecturer at Luca-Arts School of Architecture, Brussels BE
2013 Workshop about ‘Site – specific installation at MAMM, Museo de Arte Moderno, Medellin CO
2013 Workshop about ‘Site-specific installation’ at casa tres patios, Medellin CO
2010-2011 Master after Master of Research in Art and Design, Sint Lucas, Antwerpen BE
2006-2007 ’TRANSMEDIA’ postgraduate program in Arts, Media and Design, Hogeschool Sint Lukas, Brussels BE
2005-2006 International Master of ‘Human Settlements’, Katholieke Universiteit Leuven BE
2004 Painting summer course at ‘Central Saint Martins College of Arts’, London UK
2001 Guest Lecture at the Master of Environmental Urban-Regional planning National University of Colombia, Medellin Professor In Architecture and Urban design at the Architecture Faculty, UPB (Universidad Pontificia Bolivariana), Medellín CO
2000-2001 Guest lecture in History of contemporary Urbanism at the Architecture Faculty, UPB (Universidad Pontificia Bolivariana), Medellín CO
1999-2001 Academic Coordinator Design studios third-year Bachelor in Architecture at the Architecture Faculty, UPB Universidad Pontificia Bolivariana, Medellín CO
1998-1999 Assistant lecturer Design studios second and third-year Bachelor in Architecture at the Architecture Faculty, UPB Universidad Pontificia Bolivariana, Medellín CO
1992-1998 degree as Architect, Universidad Nacional de Colombia, Medellín CO
Spanish as a mother tongue, excellent knowledge of written and spoken English and basic understanding of Dutch. BE

Artistic and Curatorial* Practice – Solo Exhibitions.

* 2018 ‘How things hold together’ – CCA Ujazdowski Castle, Warsaw PO
2018 ‘Breathe your own Horizon’ JosedelaFuente gallery, Santander ES
2015 ‘Ejercicios en Reposicionamiento’ at el Parqueadero, with laagencia, Museo del Banco de la Republica, Bogota CO 
2012 ‘Con los ojos cerrados’ curated by Oscar Roldan at Proyecto ALBO, el MAMM Medellin CO
2012 Proycto Rampa, Madrid ES
2012 MEDIATION at Platform3, Munich DE
2010 ‘EVASION’ at homesession, Barcelona ES

Artistic and Curatorial* Practice – Collective Exhibitions.

* 2022 ‘What remains is the Body.’ Curatorial research project SixtyEight Art Institute, Copenhagen DK
2018 ‘Los Espiritus Relocalizados’ group exhibition at HACHE GALERIA, Buenos Aires AR

2018 ‘I’m Sorry It Took Me So Long’ with samenwerk at Naturomorphic City Garden Festival – Ujazdowski Park, Warsaw PO
2018 Poppositions Art Fair with laagencia, Brussels BE
2017 ARTBO Bogotá CO /
ARCO Madrid ES
2017 ‘hearsay’, Greylight Projects, Brussels BE
2016 ARTBO Bogotá CO
2016 Studio Venezia – invited by SAMENWERK, Venice IT
2016 Input-Output, Reinventando el Medio – Sala de exposiciónes Cámara de Comercio de Bogotá. Sede Salitre – 2 de junio al 16 de julio 2016 – with works by Penelope Umbrico, Roc Herms, Ana María Montenegro, Tanja Hollander, Juan Duque, Laís Pontes, Anthony Antonellis, Man Barlett, Rafael Puyana, Felipe Rivas San Martín & Arthur Machado – Bogotá CO
2016 The Wrong Side, Poppositions Art Fair – JosedelaFuente Gallery participates with Ion Macareno and Juan Duque, Brussels BE
2015 Fuera de sitio, JosedelaFuente Gallery curated by Paula Lopez Zambrano, Santander ES
2015 Orbital Projects IV: Bogotá, an ititiative by JosedelaFuente Gallery, exhibition by Ion Macareno and Juan Duque, curated by Alejandro Alonso Dìaz, Bogotá CO
2015 Dialogue table #1, project in collaboration with Nicolas Lamas, performed at enoughroomforspace, Brussels Art Days, Drogenbos BE
* 2015 Encounters in alignment, duo show with Alexandra Colmenares Cossio at nvt gallery, Ghent BE
* 2014 Brushing the City against the Grain’ – SAS Geumcheon, Geumcheon S-KR
2014 Ejercicios en Ocupacion – Hangar, Barcelona ES
2013 Group exhibition at Galeria No-Lugar, Quito EC – curated by Adonay Bermudez
2013 Group exhibition at Galeria Del Infinito Arte, Buenos Aires AR
* 2013 Perpetual Travellers at SAVVY contemporary, Berlin DE – with works by Juan Duque, Assaf Gruber, Ištvan Išt Huzjan, Meggy Rustamova, Pascale Marthine Tayou, Philippe Van Wolputte, curated by Pieter Vermeulen
2013 GlogauAIR Berlin DE
2013 ‘Turismo Efimero’, Galeria Anomalia, Mexico D.F. – MX – curated by Adonay Bermudez
2013 Re-phrasing Memory, Amsterdam NL – curated by Sarojini Lewis and Oscar Roldan-Alzate
2013 Open Studios Madrid  with artist Jimena Kato, Ignacio Chavarri, Sam Savage, Madrid ES
2013 Beyond the Dutch Mountains Video FestivalGreylight Projects, Heerlen NL
* 2012 FOLD at CIAP, Hasselt – BE – with works by Harri de Ville, Astrid Korntheuer, Yasmin Alt, Sara Pfrommer, Arnaud De Wolf, Jimena Kato, Anna Anderegg, Patrick Carpentier, Oshin Albrecht and Juan Duque, curated by Pauline Doutreluingne and co-curated by Juan Duque
2012 GlogauAIR Berlin – DE
2012 ‘Positioning Osmotic Impulses’, Savvy Contemporary, Berlin DE
2012 ‘Once upon a time in the future’ at Galerie Metro, Berlin DE
2011 ‘temporary view’ – organised by Kultur Steiermark, Rondo Studio, Graz
2011  ‘Nomadic Settlers – Settled Nomads‘ – A SAVVY Contemporary Berlin project – Kunstraum Kreuzberg / Bethanien Berlin DE – Curated by Bonaventure Soh Bejeng Ndikung and co-curators Simone Kraft and Pauline Doutreluingne
2011 NICC, Antwerp BE – group exhibition St-Lucas Antwerp with selected works by Tim De Cort, Juan Duque, Liesbet Grupping, Katrien Matthys, Mireille Schellhorn, Sabrina Schepers, Roeland Tweelinckx
2011 ‘ITHAKA 19‘, Onvoltooid Verleden Tijd, Leuven BE
2011  ‘Tussenruimte’ – ‘In-Between Space’ – Roger Raveel museum, Machelen-Zulte BE, with works from Roger Raveel, Chantal Akkerman, Jan Decock, Joelle Teurlinckx, Jacob Smits, J. Closson, David Claerbout, James Ensor, Guy Mees, John Baldessari, Raoul de Keyser, Albijn van den Abeele, Henri De Braekeleer, Jean-Marie Bytebier, Juan Duque – Curated by Jean-Marie Bytebier and Jan De Cock
2010  artist village organised by WARP, Sint-Niklaas BE
2010  ‘Reprogramming Urban Voids’ at ‘Summercamp’, organised by Time Lab, curated by Eva De Groot, Gent BE
2010  ‘No Soul For Sale’ TATE Modern Gallery London, invited by Casa tres Patios, Medellin-CO
2009 ‘De Collectie’ Ghent BE curated by Philippe Van Cauteren (S.M.A.K) and Sjoerd Paridaen
2009 Threeplusone ‘Extensions’ exhibition at Zennestraat – Croxhapox Gallery, Brussel BE
2009 ‘Espace Ladda’, 13/02, espace ladda, Ghent BE


2018 CCA Ujazdowski Castle, Warsaw PO. Supported by Flanders State of the Art
2015 laagencia, Bogota CO
2014 Seoul Art Space, Geumcheon S-KR
2014 Hangar, Barcelona ES
2013 Gyeonggi Creation Centre, Gyeonggi S-KR
2013 URRA Buenos Aires AR
2013 SAVVY contemporary Berlin DE
2013 GlogauAIR, Berlin DE
2013 Halka Art Project Residency, Istanbul TR
2013 R.A.T. Residencias Artisticas por Intercambio, Mexico D.F. MX
2012 GlogauAIR, Berlin DE
2012 Rampa, Madrid ES
2011 Platform3, Munich DE
2011 RONDO/Marienmühle Studio, Graz AT
2011 FLACC / Workplace for Visual Artists, Genk BE
2010 homesession, Barcelona ES
2009 id11 – Flatland Poptahof, Delft NL 

Awards and Grants.

2018 Kunsten en Erfgoed Fellowship U-Jazdowski Castle Contemporary Art Centre, Warsaw PL
2015 Kunsten en Erfgoed Fellowship, Yearly Endowment
2013 Kunsten en Erfgoed Fellowship,  Yearly Endowment
2012 Selected for SWAP programme Art at the periphery of European cities, Nucleo-Platform3, Gent BE – Munich DE
2011 Final round selection HISK – not selected / reserve candidate, Ghent BE
2010 Selected for artist village organised by WARP 1-5/10.2010, Sint-Niklaas BE
2006 Cum Laude Degree, Master ‘Human Settlements‘, Catholic University Leuven, BE.
2005 Scholarship by academic merit, VLIR ,Vlaamse Interuniversitaire Raad, Leuven BE
1998 Thesis approved With Merit: “Dynamisation of the potential iron and steel works terrains, Simesa Medellín” Universidad Nacional de Colombia, Medellín CO


2020 Duque, Juan, ‘Touching the Difference’ in: The Sleeping Hermaphrodite, Kyklada Press, Athens, pp. 43-49
2020 Duque, Juan, ‘The Transformation of Hermaphroditus’ in: The Sleeping Hermaphrodite, Kyklada Press, Athens, pp. 51-59
2020 Duque, Juan, ‘The Sleeping Hermaphroditus, Roman Type’ in: The Sleeping Hermaphrodite, Kyklada Press, Athens, pp. 63-72
2020 Duque, Juan, ‘To Watch every Sunset as if it was the Last One’ in: Free Love, Paid Love, Kyklada Press, Athens, pp. 39-56
2018 Navarro, Wendy in Artnexus, Curator’s review Issue 109 June-August, p.100
2018 Rocco, Linda, ‘Breathe your Own Horizon’, artist leaflet in limited edition of 150 ex.
2015 de la Fuente, José, ‘Orbital Projects IV: Bogotà, an exhibition by Ion Macareno and Juan Duque at La Enramada’, Hato Press, UK
2013 Vervoort, Stefan, ‘Paraphernalia, The Stanza of Photography’, in Wim Wauman, Paraphernalia, Roma Publications, Amsterdam NL
2012 Quintero Restrepo, Monica, ‘La luze es la que cierra los ojos’, El Colombiano, Nov. 12
2012 Fernàndez-Pello, Carlos, ‘El disfraz de los lugares olvidados’ in ‘Nada merece el privilegio de quedarse. Un proyecto de Juan Duque’, printed by Otormàtica, Madrid ES, May 2012
2012 Monje, Quino, ‘Desplazamiento (por aproximaciòn)’ in ‘Nada merece el privilegio de quedarse. Un proyecto de Juan Duque’, printed by Otormàtica, Madrid ES, May 2012
2012 Holsbeek, Dan “Herinnering en Transformatie – De benadering van het landschap” in Jaarboek FLACC 2011, pp. 77-85, Graphic Design Roosje Klap, Ed. 750 ex.
2012 Utzerath, Emily, “Talking with Artists // Künstler im Gespräch: Juan Duque“, in the frame of AIR PLATFORM3 – Munich DE 
2011 Goesaert, Benedicte, “Juan Duque” in Appendix 18, pp. 18-19, published for exhibition at Pavilion KASK, Gent, June 29th – July 3rd 2011
2011 Doutreluingne, Pauline, “Landscape Memories” in ‘Nomadic Settlers – Settled Nomads’, catalogue published in conjunction with the International Group Exhibition, pp 32-33, Revolver Publishing, Berlin ISBN-978-3-86895-175-2
2011 Duque, Juan, artist leaflet produced in a limited edition of 300 exemplars
2011 Deconinck, Maarten, “Nostalgia-Nostalgie”, catalogus nr. 19, Ithaka19, pp. 10-11
2011 Braeckman, Inge, ” Niet het verhaal, maar het beeld zelf”, ART magazine nr. 78,
2010 Acevedo, Carla, online publication on DaWire – Online Platform for Contemporary Art
2010 Catalogue exhibition “De Collectie” 
2010 Lefaure, Jérôme on ‘Evasion’ homesession, Barcelona ES
2010 Book “FLAT_land/2010” De stichting id11, HET TIJDELIJK VERBLIJF, Delft NL

Talks and Guest Crits.

2020 Performative Lecture ‘Acercarse’ – Museo de Arte Moderno Medellin CO
2015 Workshop at ‘el Parqueadero’, Museo del Banco de la Republica, Bogota CO
2013 Artist talk at Fundacion Costantini, Buenos Aires AR
2013 Guest crit Campos de Gutierres, Medellin CO
2013 Artist talk and workshop – Pasaporte al Arte, Feb 5 2013 – el MAMM Museo de Arte Moderno Medellin CO
2011 Artist Talk and workshop, Casa Tres Patios, Medellin CO
2011 Disruptive City Lab, talk and workshop in the frame of Summercamp Electified, June 18th 2011, organised by Timelab, Ghent BE
2011 Fragile Student Conference, 6 & 7 April 2011, on Reprogramming Urban Voids, St.-Lucas Ghent BE

View and/or download here my up-to-date curriculum (English, pdf)
2020 CV portfolio Juan ENG

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