Juan Duque
Avenue du Parc 34 – 1060 Bruxelles
+32 484 955 789

‘Juan Duque’s body of work develops itself on the go, reflecting the conditions of its own origin, bent back on itself as it were. Juan’s practice is informed by
contemporary notions of cultural displacement, migration and shifting identities, both on a practical and theoretical level. As such, his works are always conceived and produced in a ‘mobile studio’, an ‘Atelier im Kopf’ as Daniel Buren expressed it, in interaction with a specific context in space and time, often using found materials, textiles or other visual imagery. There is a certain quality to the work that I would describe as ‘sculptural precarity’, that definitely makes Juan’s pieces stand out.’

Pieter Vermeulen, independent curator

‘Juan Duque makes site-specific installations. He reactivates memories through interactions with places and explorations of it’s surfaces.
Putting together tangible materials and leaving room for poetic abstraction, Juan Duque brings back textures and images of the landscapes he lived through.’

Pauline Doutreluingne, independent curator