The Time and Space We Share Together – Greylight Projects Brussels BE

Performance at Greylight Projects Brussels BE

Most of the time we are not conscious of the space we create through interpersonal delimitations. Through the process of materialization of these spaces into different media, we can learn about the importance of the generation of spaces that our bodies can share together. At the same time we can learn about the relevance of the political position or action of the body in the interpersonal space.


·      This will be a silent activity

·      Agree with your partner -in silence- in which area of the fabric you want to work together.

·      Place yourself on top of the fabric.

·      Take time to be comfortable in proximity of each other.

·      Observe the space in between your bodies.

·      When you feel ready, draw with a marker the outline of your body in contact with the textile surface while using just one hand. Only use this hand to draw.

·      After you finish, step out of the drawing and take time to explore and observe both your own and your partner’s drawing.

·      Change positions and place yourself into the drawing that your partner made. Try to fit your body shape into this drawing.

·      Take your time to be near to each other once more.

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