Untitled Performance- Brussels BE – Santander ES

“What distinguishes the map from the tracing is that it is entirely oriented toward an experimentation in contact with the real. The map does not reproduce an unconscious closed in upon itself; it constructs the unconscious.”     Gilles Deleuze

Practice based on unfolding of medias (Brussels BE – Santander ES)
Performance – Expanded drawing – Sculpture

4 participants

I will do the first 3 actions (drawings) on a selected fabric following a score, after which each of the 4 participants should repeat the score one by one and pass the fabric to the next

–    Find an even or flat floor surface
–    Extend the fabric on the floor as flat as possible
–    Think of the fabric as a territory to be occupied by your body for a short while
–    Take the time your mind and body need to be aware about how to enter or to         occupy the fabric.
–    Place your body inside the lines drawn onto the fabric by previous performers.
–    You position yourself on top of the fabric and draw starting from the already         existing lines.
–        Avoid using the blank areas
–        You draw a selected fragment of your body onto the fabric.
(in total you will have 3 drawings)

After the last performer’s intervention, we all gathered together to share thoughts about what we had experienced.

Using the drawing as score we will perform new movements on top of the fabric.

With the final drawing I will select fragments of the interlaced lines.
I will materialize the fragment creating a 3-dimensional object in plasticine.

Then I will perform some of the movements that are present in the drawing, using my body as a mould for reshaping the plasticine objects in a different location.

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